Summer Leaders Kicks Off!

The YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP) may be done for the school year but Summer Leaders are eager to start! The group will meet every week for 9 hours during July and August. They will be very busy planning fundraisers, volunteering and attending a variety of field trips around the city. Some of these include; volunteering at Global Fest, Reggae Fest, the Mustard Seed and Good Life Community Bike Shop. We also have an interesting line up of guest speakers from organizations suchs as; Servants Anonymous, Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary, Community and Neighbourhood Services and YMCA’s own GM, Lana Dionne in Financial Development!

Those who were asked to join the program are passionate when it comes to helping others and giving back to their community. As the coordinator for Summer Leaders I am excited to see what these bright individuals come up with as their fundraising projects. My role is supporting the participants with their projects but the majority of the work will be student led. Summer Leaders is unique and allows the youth to take responsibility and ownership of their work combined with continous learning. Stay tuned for what this youth group have in store!