Summer is here and with it is summer camp season!

Calgary YMCA is in the middle of its busiest time of year with day camps and residential camps in full swing. And in the middle of all the action is Kelly Smith, Senior Vice President Operations.

He said: “It is an exciting time of year because of the work we do with kids and the number of kids we have through the summer is excellent.”

Staff at the YMCA have been busy making preparations which include readying all the facilities for the camps and employing many extra staff to help.

Kelly also took a trip out to Gray-Jay Camp, a small satellite site of Camp Chief Hector, about three and a half hours’ drive from Calgary, to show some past board directors what the Pioneers were up to.

He said: “We try to get there as much as we can in the summer. We met some Gray-Jay Pioneers who were getting ready to go out on a five-day horseback trip. And there were groups already out there on a hike. It is an amazing spot.”

Kelly added it was a great opportunity to show the directors the work which the YMCA does during the summer, in particular on their back country activities.

As everyone enjoys the summer sunshine, Kelly and the rest of the team at YMCA Calgary are looking towards the fall and a change of gear.

Kelly concluded: “The programs for the fall are already set in place. We are always on a cycle, always looking to the future.”