Summer Fitness Tips

By Lisa Kingston, Eau Claire YMCA Program Manager

It’s easy to lose your workout routine, or be overwhelmed by the thought of starting a fitness rountine, in the hustle and bustle of summer activites. Kids are off school, holiday travel, weddings and family events leave us loving the longer summer hours but exhausted.

Revisit your workouts by thinking about maintaining or starting with baby steps rather than jumping in with two feet and trying to fit it all in.

1/ Play – if you find yourself watching your kids running through the sprinkler, hitting the badminton birdie or riding their bikes, join in! It’s the perfect family fitness time!

2/ Walk – with nicer weather and longer sunlight hours, take the opportunity to walk where you would usually drive. To the mall, to the grocery store, or just get out and enjoy a little vitamin D.

3/ Shorter workouts – when time an issue, why not shorten the length of your workout. Don’t feel guilty, get the same results by increasing intensity.

We still have two good months of summer left, make the most of them!