Summer Camp = Active Kids!

There are SPOTS AVAILABLE at Camp Chief Hector YMCA for families, children and youth. Visit us: this Sunday (Jun 2, 2013). You are cordially invited to our Family Fun Run and our Summer Camp Open House at camp this Sunday. Visit the e-registration site (click “Camp Chief Hector” after being re-directed) to view camp programs that are still available. Full descriptions of our Summer Camp programs, photo albums and more can be found at our webpage.

I read about children’s health recently on the CBC website, and we all see it in our daily lives: kids simply need more activity. In my job as a camp director, I am able to see kids being very active – rain or shine – and I see how much they enjoy it. This week, I had the great pleasure of hearing students tell their stories of their hikes during their visit to Camp Chief Hector YMCA. They told of their adventures, of the wildlife they saw, of the forests they explored. They laughed alot and they seemed quite happy and healthy. For the entire week, they walked everywhere – no other transportation was used. They walked through the meadows and forests, along the trails and paths, they walked to canoeing and they walked to and from their tipis and the dining lodge. And they were very happy to share their memories of it at the end of the week.

Summer camp builds healthy habits and healthy friendships, one step at a time.