Strong Kids

Strong Kids.  What is a Strong Kid?  It seems like an ambiguous phrase; that is until you know the story.  The Strong Kid stories you hear change with everyone you talk to at the YMCA, but rest assured the message remains the same.  We see the potential to grow in all children, kids, youth, and young adults that walk through our doors.  A little background  to get you closer to the Strong Kids big picture:

• The YMCA is a registered charity, and unlike some other charities, 100% of proceeds raised in our annual Strong Kids Campaign go to the kids.  All costs associated with Strong Kids promotion comes out of an operation budget and doesn’t use any of the donated funds meant to help children and youth participate in YMCA programs.
• Nobody gets turned away from the YMCA.  We welcome everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds into our facilities and programing.  Financial Assistance is provided to those in lower income situations to ensure that equal opportunity is provided to all.  When there are children and youth in families that qualify, Strong Kids donations help pay for them to participate at the YMCA

It seems like all my colleagues and friends here at the YMCA all work directly with children and their connection with YMCA Strong Kids is apparent in their everyday work.  Working in adult fitness doesn’t connect me with kids every day, so it admittedly took me a little longer to fully understand what YMCA Strong Kids is, the benefits of the campaign and a true connection with who Strong Kids are.  Strong Kids are determined, ready to participate, fun-loving, active, and creative.  Strong Kids are all kids.  I can truly say I get it now, and want to share it with you.  When it’s put into terms that affect everyone, it makes a lot more sense as to why your support (as well as mine of course!) for Strong Kids is so important.

What if a future Canadian gold medal athlete’s family can’t afford to have him/her take part in organized sports programming?
What if our future Premier or even Prime Minister is someone who can’t afford to participate in leadership programming?
What if the cure for cancer is trapped in the head of someone whose family can’t afford proper nutrition to be able to learn and excel in extracurricular programs?

Allowing these youth to grow in a safe and accepting environment could see a different outcome for their entire lives and even affect ours.  What if you had the opportunity to allow these kids to find their potential, and to lead, grow, thrive, and belong at the YMCA?  You do.

Please ask us how you can become involved at your YMCA.