YMCA Calgary Sport Camps

A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are playing various sports together at the gym. They are smiling and looking at the camera.

YMCA Calgary is now offering basketball, football, soccer, multi-sport and golf camps! Check out the descriptions and dates below and see what camp would work for your child!

YMCA Basketball Development Camp 

8:30am – 4:30pm

Hit the court this summer!  In this week-long camp, you will learn the fundamentals and strategy of the game of the basketball.  You will get an introduction to disciplined training to help develop basketball-specific skills and will also enjoy plenty of game play.  You will build their expertise in the sport of basketball, learn sportsmanship and fair play.  A fun and active way to build a love of the game of basketball.

Adventurers – Ages 10-11

July 4-7 – Course Code 117368

July 10-14 – Course Code 117369

July 17-21 – Course Code 117370

July 24-28 – Course Code 117371

July 31-August 4 – Course Code 119792


Challengers – Ages 12-13

July 4-7 – Course Code 117590

July 10-14 – Course Code 117591

July 17-21 – Course Code 117592

July 24-28 – Course Code 117593

July 31-August 4 – Course Code 119793


Talk to member services and book your child in for a basketball camp today!


Football Camp – at the Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot:

8:30am – 4:30pm

Learn to play football like a pro!  In partnership with Tom Higgins, former pro football player and coach of the Calgary Stampeders, the YMCA will be offering a coed non-contact football camp.  You will learn the fundamentals of football including football positions, rules and strategy of the game, and sportsmanship.  Through various drills you will also strength, speed and agility.  A fun and active camp that will result in positive growth of all athletes – in mind, body and spirit.  No previous football experience is required.

Explorers – Ages 8-9

July 4- July 7 – Course Code 125476

August 8- 11 – Course Code 125477

Adventurers – Ages 10-11

July 17 – July 21 – Course Code 125478

July 31-August 4 – Course Code 125479

Challengers – Ages 12-13

July 10 – July 14 – Course Code 125480

July 24-July 28 – Course Code 125481


Talk to member services and book your child in for a football camp today!


Soccer Development Camp (offered at the Shawnessy YMCA)

8:30am – 4:30pm

Learn to Bend it like Beckham in this summer.  During this week-long camp, you will learn soccer fundamentals, strategy and the rules of the game.  You will develop and refine your learned skills through disciplined training and game play. You will learn true sportsmanship and build new skill in a fun and fair play environment!  No previous experience required.

Adventurers – Ages 10-11

July 17-21 – Course Code 124464

Challengers – Ages 12-13

July 17-21 – Course Code 124465


Talk to member services and book your child in for a soccer camp today!


Multisport Development Camp-

(South Health Campus, Remington and Gray Family Eau Claire)

8:30am – 4:30pm

Try a new sport each day!  In this week-long camp, you will learn the foundations for different sports and get an introduction to disciplined training.   You will participate in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, floor hockey, volleyball and more, as well as build your fitness through a conditioning component.  Participants will learn about the principles of sportsmanship and teamwork and build a love for all sports.  All skill levels and abilities welcome.  Sport options may vary by branch.

Remington YMCA

Adventurers – Ages 10-11

July 10 – 14 – Course Code 125623

August 21 – August 25 – Course Code 125622


Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA

Adventurers – Ages 10-11

July 24 – 28 – Course Code 125578

August 14 – August 18 – Course Code 125579


Challengers – Ages 12-13

July 17 – July 21 – Course Code 125580

August 8 – August 11 – Course Code 125581


South Health Campus YMCA

Challengers – Ages 12-13

July 24-28 – Course Code 125577



Golf Camp (offered at the Remington YMCA)

Ages 10-13, 8:30am – 4:30 pm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional golfer?  Live the life this summer with the PGA Pros at Inglewood Golf Course and the YMCA team.  During this week-long camp, you will spend the mornings at the Inglewood Golf Course learning the fundamentals of grip, posture, putting, and short and long-range shots, then bus back to the Remington YMCA for wet and dryland cross-training with the Y’s personal trainers and aquatic team. A fun, active camp and a great introduction to the sport of golf.  Participants should wear appropriate active wear for the training activities and weather (jeans are not permitted at the course).  All golf equipment and transportation to and from the golf course is provided.

July 10-14 – Course Code 125624

July 17-21 – Course Code 125625

July 24-28 – Course Code 125626

July 31-August 4 – Course Code 125627

August 14-18 – Course Code 125628

August 21-25 – Course Code 125629