South LINC Says Goodbye to Summer

Beautiful Homemade CakeEarlier today, South LINC students from the Shawnessy and South Health Campus locations celebrated the end of the summer session with a fun family event. Originally, the students and teachers had planned an outdoor gathering, but the weather was just not cooperating! After spending the morning gazing at the clouds and wishing away the rain, the LINC team accepted the finicky Calgary weather and got creative. Everyone worked hard to improvise, and at the last minute, teachers and students were able to organize a  “picnic” with modified indoor activities for the whole family. Luckily, there was a space big enough for everyone inside the South Fish Creek Recreation Complex!

Everyone arrived and displayed their homemade food, but before we were allowed to dig in, the teachers had some teambuilding activities planned for us! Leaders were chosen and students were broken into teams for an ABC Scavenger throughout the entire facility. Teams competed to find different items beginning with each letter of the alphabet, and students were not shy about asking questions in English to try to win the game. While some teams were stumped over the letter “X”, several brave LINC participants stopped by the nearby clinic to ask about x-rays, and were successful in finding their letter “X” item!

After the scavenger hunt, it was time for a feast. If you’ve never been to a LINC Potluck, you are missing out on one of the YMCA’s best kept secrets! There was delicious food from all over the world, and lots of beautiful homemade desserts to satisfy the sweet teeth in the crowd.

The LINC picnic was an excellent chance for students from all levels to mingle, play games, share food, and chat in English. After a long summer of studying, it was fantastic to relax and enjoy this time together. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, we all had a blast. Way to go, South LINC! Congrats on another successful session, and a fun event for everyone.