South LINC Students Celebrate Their Cultures

On Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 the South LINC classes welcomed each other at their LINC Box Theatre, a celebration of their cultures.

The event was held in the form of a dinner theatre,  with presentations, singing of “O Canada” and the “YMCA Song” with a LINC variation, and an international buffet!

Mary Ann, a LINC 5 student  wrote:

“I personally enjoyed the show. Every group did an awesome job during the presentations. I appreciate the efforts of the LINC 2 class students when they said something about why they like Canada. Although some of them were having a little problem with speaking and pronunciation, they still tried their best to give their piece . I also liked the presentations done by the LINC 4 class students when they shared something about how different countries celebrate New Year’s Day. I learned something new about each country’s customs and traditions and I can relate with some because they’re also practiced back home. And finally, I could proudly say that our group., LINC 5 class, did a great job too. Everyone did their best to make our presentations worthwhile!”

Way to go, South LINC!