Search for Wifi in Prague!

Ahoy! That`s Hello in Czech.

After arriving in Prague we discovered that there is no wifi where we are staying and the festival wifi is constantly disconnecting so here is a blog I wrote a few days ago!

I arrived in Prague on Friday morning, and still had a day
and a half before the YMCA Europe Youth Festival began, so we decided to go see the city. I spent the afternoon exploring the Jewish Quarter, with Sarah, Valeria and Selena where we visited several synagogues and the Jewish cemetery. By the end of the day we were exhausted and in bed by 7!

Saturday was a tour to a concentration camp, Tenzin, about
an hour outside of Prague. This camp is widely known for the propaganda video that the Nazi’s filmed here to show how the Jewish people were being treated.  It’s always such a surreal
experience to visit sites that hold such historical significance.
On Sunday the Canadian Change Agents had the opportunity to
all come together for the first time since meeting at the AGM in May. It was so nice to see each other again! After our meeting we all grabbed some pizza together at a pizzeria before heading to the festival.

As we were trying to set up the Canadian booth in one of the
tents a crazy storm hit! It started to POUR! The wind was so strong that several trees began to fall, the tent our booth was in was evacuated and we rushed to another tent to get out of the rain. Eventually we were evacuated again to the dining hall so that the facilitators could evaluate the situation. Unfortunately the opening night of the festival had to be cancelled and some of today’s workshops as well. Luckily everything will continue as planned from here on out.

The festival started Monday at 5pm with a little bit of an opening ceremony where they later on introduced the global change agent movement. It was so inspiring and I can’t wait to really get started when I get back to Calgary!

Pictures to follow in my next blog!