Registration is Brisk for New YMCA Childcare Centres

Public registration for YMCA Calgary’s two new childcare centres began on October 19, 2015. To date we have successfully registered over 165 children for the new centres which are both currently being built in the community of Quarry Park. Spaces for children aged 12  – 18 months are currently full with waitlists started. Space remains available for all other preschool ages.

With the new  centres scheduled to open summer 2015 we expect to connect with many more families so they can learn about what YMCA Calgary can offer their child.

Our registration team has spoken to many families about what they can expect from YMCA Calgary when it comes to their child’ experience within one of our licensed Child Development Centres. Our response includes an overview of the benefits we provide for our young participants.


Positive, caring relationships form the foundation for all that occurs within the childcare setting. Children learn about YMCA Calgary’s four core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. They practice behaviours which support social skill development, emotional competence and community engagement.

What does this look like?

– a game being played will support children to learn about taking direction, taking turns and the enjoyment of doing a favourite activity with a friend

– a child talking about how they feel and a caregiver helping them to identify and use appropriate language and actions as they practice self expression and self regulation


Each YMCA Child Development Centre provides lots of opportunities for children to run, jump and be active. They do this using the centre’s dedicated outdoor play area or our indoor gyms and multi-purpose spaces. Recreation time in YMCA pools is also provided. All children are provided with a nutritious morning and afternoon snack that helps to fuels them for everything their day hold.

All children registered in YMCA Child Development Centres also receive a complimentary YMCA Child membership – this provides their family with discounts for registered programs including aquatics in any of our YMCA branches.

What does this look like?

 SHY- Bubbles  ECY -Jana playing with the children in the gym  SHY- Bike Race with Gemma


Utilizing the national YMCA Playing to Learn Curriculum, children are encouraged to explore what interests them. This play-based curriculum is designed to maximize children’s learning through actively engaging children throughout the day in developmentally appropriate small group activities. Activities encompass all developmental areas and support children with school readiness and to become a life-long learner.

What does this look like?

An interest in planes leads to a rich learning environment – imaginative play, language development, travel requirements (Visas, airport check in procedures), writing a list of what to take, exploring maps etc.

 Ghana  new pics 1009  new pics 999

YMCA Childcare wants every child’s day to be filled with fun and learning. With caregivers who act as play partners, every day brings something new to explore and opportunities for wonderful experiences to be had.

Want more information?

YMCA Childcare – general information including locations, fees, information hand book

New childcare centres – information and registration details

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OR Call us at 403-351-6689 to register for one of the new YMCA Childcare centres scheduled to open summer 2016 in the Quarry Park community