Camp Chief Hector YMCA – New camper registration begins Dec 4 at 8:30am

New camper registration for Camp Chief Hector YMCA summer 2013 begins Tuesday December 4 at 8:30am.

Registrations can be done in-person at Crowfoot, Eau Claire, Saddletowne or Shawnessy YMCA’s. Numbers are given out at 5:30am when the facilities open. You can come back just prior to 8:30am.

Registrations can be done by telephone beginning at 8:30am. Call 403-269-6156 or toll free 1-866-430-9622.

Have your camp barcode ready for faster registration. Barcodes can be found in the camp description documents.

Phone the registration office on Friday or Monday at 403-269-6156 to check availibility of summer camps or if you have any questions.