Princess Pat Travels to Ukraine Camp

I am so grateful to be experiencing everything that YMCA Ukraine camp has to offer!

Over the past few days, we have been teaching a lot of English camp songs to both campers and counsellors alike (since they do not have any in Ukrainian), which has been a huge success. It has been so nice to be able to incorporate what I consider to be a big part of Calgary YMCA camps in the camp that they have here – I have always taken pride in Y Calgary’s “Campfire” songs, and (although I don’t like to admit it), I have really missed singing at campfire.

The first song we taught the camp is one that all of the kids who have recently attended Day Camps at Bishop McNally know me for – The Princess Pat. Now if you have never heard this song before, I highly suggest that you take some time to watch the YouTube Video (which can be seen here) to get a sense of what the song is before you watch our video of the whole camp singing. It should be said that although everyone in the camp has dubbed this their new favourite song, it has been most popular for boys in the 14-17 year old age group – one can only imagine what it’s like to see a group of sixteen year old boys compulsively sing about a princess.

One guy here, Stass, has just turned fifteen; his English is not very good, but he has been practicing the words to this song over and over for the past 48 hours. It got to the point where almost the whole camp was begging him to stop singing. It is amazing what kind of a connection music can make between people. The Princess Pat is not a Smash Hit hear on the radio, you can’t buy the single off of iTunes, and yet when we sing this song here, all of the kids – even the teenage boys – happily join in with us. I look forward to getting Stass to master these lyrics by the end of the camp so that we can both lead the song together. Wish me luck!

Submitted by Sarah Finn

We are having difficulties uploading our video of Princess Pat and will do so as soon as possible!