Pre-Workout Eats

yogurt and berries
Pre-Workout Eats

Forget about soda, chips, and fried foods. Give your body fuel for your workout by eating the right things before you hit the gym. The right snacks can provide you with the right balance for fuel, building muscle, burning fat, satisfying hunger and aiding in recovery. Eat your snack 30-60 minutes before your workout.

Some of my favourite pre-workout eats are:


Parfait Okay!
Plain yogurt with strawberries and whole grain cereal or unsweetened granola will give you healthy (and sweet!) boost.


Oatmeal Mania
A small bowl of steel cut oats with some dried or fresh fruit and sliced almonds. Especially great when it’s chilly outside. Mmmm….


PBA – Peanut Butter and Apple
Slice up an apple and dip in PB. Yum.


PBBT – Peanut Butter Banana Toast
For a slightly heavier snack (or the perfect breakfast) try 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with sliced banana on whole grain toast. Banana and PB go so well together.


A hard-boiled egg spread with hummus gives a boost of protein.


Did you notice anything about this snack list?

Simple food.

Natural food.

Small servings.

Protein powder and supplements can be useful. But sometimes your best bet is to stick with simple snacks made of simple ingredients. Fruit, whole grains and the like. They provide tasty combinations of carbs, proteins, fats and various nutrients your body needs. Small servings will help you avoid the dreaded stomach ache and cramps during your workout.

banana PB toast
*Photos: Flickr – Penn Waggener & Jen Waller