Quarter Way There!

Hi Calgary!

This is Sarah and Valeria, Calgary YMCA Youth Delegates for the YMCA Europe Festival of 2013!

As we are leaving for Prague in four short months, fundraising has really started to become  a priority in regards to preparation for our trip! Two weeks ago, we held a bake sale at Saddletowne YMCA during the Play It Forward Strong Kids Fundraiser. We were very successful, and, thanks to the generous donations of baked goods from YMCA staff, we were able to carry out our bake sale for three extra days!


Bake Sale at Saddletowne YMCA!

After two days at Saddletowne YMCA, and two days at Eau Claire YMCA, we managed to raise an incredible $1,132.16! We would like to thank all those who volunteered to bake for us, as well as those who purchased goods from our sale. Thanks to your support, we are now ¼ of the way to reaching our goal!

We are both extremely excited to be able to participate in the Prague Festival this year. In addition to being able to explore the city, we will be networking with over 10,000 other youth from around the world while we partake in workshops and trainings that will help expand our leadership skills. The festival itself has incorporated the themes of Peace, Democracy, Justice, Spirituality, and Healthy Living into the workshops. We are looking forward to being able to learn about different ways that we can incorporate global issues and social justice into our programs.

Recently, we came together to create a Workshop Proposal for the Healthy Living Day of the festival. We plan to discuss the importance of incorporating daily physical activity into YMCA programs, as well as into personal life styles. As a team, we will lead a group of around 40 other youth in playing popular Canadian games such as Chuck the Chicken and Bear Bug Frog (or for some, Giants Wizards Elves). Though we are still waiting for our approval notice, we are very eager to be able to share with others from around the world some of the games the Calgary YMCA enjoys playing with our participants.

As the Festival is fast approaching, we have been able to learn a little bit more about what will be offered to us throughout our time there. Some of the awesome activities included in the Festival on top of the workshops include things such as The Tower of Love, a Sand Beach, The Gate of Justice, and a Sand Arena Gaga Pit. If you’re confused as to what a Gaga Pit is, don’t worry; it took us a few Google Searches to be able to decipher exactly what it was used for (a game arena for Israeli Dodgeball).

We will share more information with you as we learn more about the festival and all of the exciting opportunities that it has to offer.

Everyone is welcome to attend our next fundraiser at Saddletowne YMCA on Friday April 5th at 4:30 until 9:00. We will be selling baking and freezies! Hope to see you all there!

-Sarah and Valeria

P.S. For more information on our Global initiatives, check out https://www.ymcacalgary.org/blog/ymca-calgary-going-global/