Pow Wow Drum and Dance has Connected My Family to Our Culture

drum and dance

Like many Metis people, my family only recently began to connect with who we are and where we come from.

My name is Stacey, and this is my Y story.

I have two children, they are 5 and 7 years old and they have a burning desire to connect with their culture. We found out about the Community YMCA’s Pow Wow Drum and Dance program and can’t get enough of it.My little girl loves learning hand drum songs and my son will sit around the big Pow Wow drum all evening. Earl, our Drum Keeper is his hero.

My kids talk about going to Drum and Dance all week long. Whenever it is cancelled due to a holiday break or bad weather, we are so sad. We love going to Pow Wow Drum and Dance. It brings us together as a family. It has changed our lives for the better, giving us the opportunity to connect with our culture and with each other. We get to explore our culture and do physical activity. It’s always full of laughter and makes us so happy when we can be there.

We are learning learn songs, dances, how to drum, and other aspects of our indigenous culture. With this new community of other indigenous people, we are learning the importance of oral tradition and storytelling, feasting, making offerings, and respecting things that are sacred (like drums).

My kids are bringing these lessons home, teaching the songs to other kids on their school bus, and showing the value of their culture to the people around them. They are often found singing songs or naming animals in Ojibwa, Cree and Blackfoot.

Drum and Dance has ignited the passion in our veins and love in our hearts to follow who we are. From the bottom of our hearts – miigwetch.