Pounding the streets for lbs of food!

Determined YMCA kids have set a courageous goal of collecting 10,000 pounds of food raised during the annual, multi-community Kids in Motion Food Drive for the Calgary Food Bank.

Children in the free YMCA Kids in Motion program volunteer in meaningful community projects and recreational activities. They gain self-confidence and leadership skills, and learn the value of community responsibility while staying active and having fun.

Vice President for Children and Youth Tanis Cochrane explained the program would support the annual food drive for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, for the tenth year running.  Day camp programs in YMCA branches also participate in this food drive.

Kids aged between nine and 12 will hit the streets this week to hand out collection bags and then return to pick up the donated food a few days later. And this year the food bank is aiming to collect 10,000lbs of food so those feet will be pounding the streets!

Tanis said: “By getting involved with the food drive, we can be a part of helping families to meet one of the three basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. We can help to teach our youth and role model to those around us that no matter what our circumstances, there is always room to be looking out for one another.

“There is always a way to help someone with greater needs than our own. Provides the children an opportunity to be a part of their community and learn more about community service projects.”

The program is supported by YMCA Strong Kids and United Way in offering the children who sign up to Kids in Motion a free place and therefore free camp activities. Kids typically volunteer in the mornings and then take part in fun activities in the afternoons.

The food drive is just one way the youths get involved in their local community – they also volunteer at seniors’ homes, help out with local projects such as Adopt-a-Park, and in community facilities.

Tanis concluded: “The youth are at an age where they can start to learn more about their community and how to get involved and really be engaged members of their communities. And it gives adults in the community a new way of looking at youth.”

Look out for your bag to fill for Calgary Interfaith Food Bank – it will be arriving on your doorstep around August 14.