Portion Sizes

When we start talking about nutrition we often get into conversations about macronutrients, how much water to drink, having “clean” foods as the mainstay of your diet and so on. What we can avoid, and it’s really far too important to overlook, is portion size.

When we enjoy a particular food it is really easy to gobble up far more than we really require. For example, a portion of pasta is half a cup. Yes, that is right. HALF a cup. Your cupped fist is about one cup and that sure isn’t too much pasta, is it? A standard restaurant sized plate of pasta will check in at about four cups plus whatever is added in sauce and a side dish.

The Canada Food Guide suggests that our portion sizes be adhered to according to our gender and age. It is just a guideline but can offer some good suggestions on what your portion sizes should look like. The biggest “bang for your buck” always comes in the form of vegetables and a bit of fruit. They are packed with nutrients and have a much lower caloric cost than most other foods.

The next time you’re eating a meal have a good look at how much food is actually on your plate. Would it amount to one cup? Two? More? If it’s mostly veggies then that is fantastic! If it is mostly rice then maybe it’s time to have  good look at measuring out your servings for a few days to get a good idea of what your ideal portion size looks like.