Pool Schedules & Lane Swim

Did you know that our pools always have at least one lane set apart for lane swimming? Every hour that pools in our locations are open, lane swimming is available.

But, you ask, what about those busy times when one lane just isn’t enough?

It’s true that there are times throughout the day when lane swimming is more in demand. At these times multiple lanes or the entire pool may be designated for lane swimming.

Lane swimming times vary at each location and are outlined in the Pool Schedule found on the Location Pages. These downloadable PDFs can be saved or printed for quick and easy access.

Hover your mouse over the PROGRAMS, LOCATIONS & MEMBERSHIP tab and click the drop-down menu to select your preferred YMCA Calgary location. Then click the Pool or Gym & Pool Schedule for the correct dates.

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Location page
If you’re interested in drop-in fitness classes, you can look at the downloadable Gym Schedule on the Locations pages, or you can use our new searchable Drop-In Fitness Class Schedule, but know, lane swimming times can only be found in the Pool Schedule.