Peace Week Eco-Challenge Results!

“Let’s do our part in contributing towards the big change. Let’s create a greener today for a more peaceful tomorrow.”
This Peace Week, YMCA staff members participated in an Eco-Challenge. This challenge encouraged a little friendly competition between YMCA branches to encourage greater mindfulness around being ‘green’ in our daily lives, and think about why this is relevant to Peace Week. Some highlights of the challenge include:
• ECY re-initiated the use of their compost
• A brand new staff take home recycling program at Crowfoot
• South Health campus and Saddletowne engaged part time staff ….
• Green Glenda, Crowfoot’s new Green Mascot
• Branch Ambassadors did an amazing job of keeping staff on track! A special thank you to Lukas Koutroumanos, Kelly Colson, Nancy Trudel, Jenni Thompson, and Jamie Schiwy
• Every participating branch raised at least 100 points!
After much deliberation and calculation, the International Committee awarded the 2013 YMCA Eco-Challenge Awards to….Crowfoot AND Eau Claire YMCA’s!!!
Why the tie, you ask? It was simply impossible to decide between these two branches. Eau Claire’s overall points were off the charts, and they managed to restart their composting program. Crowfoot showed an extremely strong team effort and a great deal of creativity in their approach to green initiatives. As such, both branches will receive awards for their amazing contributions! Thanks again to everyone for participating, the results were truly impressive. Although Peace Week is over, the challenge to reduce our environmental footprint continues! YMCA staff are keeping this in mind as we  keep up the green work in our daily lives.
In closing, the following images are tips from Crowfoot’s new mascot, Green Glenda…

Green Glenda with her trusty reusable containers

Green Glenda helping to reduce waste at the Member Services desk