Overnight camp for 10+11 year-olds at Camp Chief Hector YMCA

MORE TIPIS ADDED – Camp Chief Hector YMCA has added some 6-day Mistaya tipis to their Summer 2012 programs.

Learn all about the outdoors by living and playing in it. Mistaya campers will discover their strengths and abilities, develop skills and make new friends. Mistaya groups sleep in tipis and explore the land of the Rocky Mountains. Trying new and exciting activities is an important part of the Mistaya experience. Some Mistaya options include canoeing, crafts, climbing,songs and games, and archery. Campers in the 6-day horse day ride option may also go on a half day hike to explore the local forests and fields. Mistaya campers in the Horse Day option do not go on an overnight campout.

Campers in the overnight hike option participate in a one-night overnight hike. This hike departs directly from the Camp Chief Hector YMCA. Groups travel through the Camp Chief Hector YMCA site along established trails to a designated overnight site away from camp activities and other groups. Before starting out, counsellors and campers share group goals and review risk management practices for backpacking trips. Overnight campouts for 6-day Mistaya program are introductory in nature and will not include cooking meals during the trip. Campers will make “smores” or another snack on a campfire and will eat a cold breakfast the following morning. Campers in the 6-day overnight option will not have the chance to ride horses.

To check availibility, register or for more information, call our registration office at 403-269-6156 or toll free at 1-866-430-9622.

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