Nutrition Tips – May 2012

Nutrition is a broad topic and there are many, many questions that are regularly asked in regard to food intake. A typical client will ask questions about protein intake, “good” or “bad” carbohydrates, how to eat at restaurants and balancing eating for their training.

All those questions are important and deserve answers that are well thought out and pertinent to each individual. There is not just one eating plan that is perfect for everyone and individualization must occur, depending on a client’s goals.

Each month we will address a new issue around that of nutrition and we will begin with one of the most basic tenets of all: Eat your vegetables! This is one guideline that truly is for everyone and is overlooked far more often that it should be. Canada’s Food Guide recommends that a female between the ages of 19 and 50 eat 7-8 vegetable and fruit servings daily and males should take in 8-10 servings. Ensure that vegetables are on your plate more often than fruit if you’re looking to lose weight.

Choose brightly coloured varieties as often as possible; think Romaine lettuce in lieu of iceberg. Dark hues like purple, deep green, orange and red are terrific carriers of phytochemicals and antioxidants. A serving is a mere half cup cooked or full cup of raw veggies so check out the produce section and load up on those wonderful and healthy veggies today!

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