Nutrition Tips – Sugar

Do you know how much sugar you consume? It is rather
shocking once you start to read labels and discover just how much sugar is
added to products. Everything from ketchup to salad dressing to protein bars
has it added in to provide a more enjoyable taste.

Sometimes we choose a product with the assumption that it is
“healthier” than another option. There are four grams of sugar in a teaspoon. Armed with that knowledge, check this out:
–>Chocolate glazed cake donut – 14 grams of sugar
–>Lemon poppy seed Clif Bar – 21 grams of sugar
–>Starbucks Grande Frappuccino – 44 grams of sugar
(over 10 teaspoons!)

Yikes! While everyone knows a donut isn’t exactly the
healthiest thing on a menu, who would assume that a post run snack bar or a
coffee drink would contain the ingredients that can lead to a host of health issues?
Hypoglycemia, Type ll diabetes, higher incidence of cavities, weight gain and lack
of energy are all attributed to high sugar intake.

The next time you pick up a box or bag of a food product,
read the label and check out the section that says “Sugars”. It will tell you
how many grams there are in the product and you will become more aware of what
you’re eating. Maybe 2013 will become a sugar free year for you!