Nutrition Tips – December 2012

Eating During the Holidays

This time of year is busy with activities, events, social engagements and an abundance of “extras”. It presents a challenge for the fit individual and can lead to some overindulging even for the most diligent.

When you go into any situation already knowing what to expect you can be forewarned and able to navigate some tricky social situations. Here are a few of the many that may come up between now and New Year’s Eve:

The Christmas party – these are always a lot of fun and always offer a lot of food that you may not ordinarily consume. Ensure you don’t head to the party with an empty stomach or you will surely overeat. If, instead, you eat a healthy snack beforehand you can choose wisely and pick the foods you really enjoy instead of overdoing it altogether.

The Buffet – this one is difficult, even for the most careful individual. Just as in the situation of the party, it is a good idea to start off with a bit of food in your belly. Walk around the buffet and get an idea of what is on there and what is truly appealing to you. Then start, use one plate, and choose the food that will fill both your stomach and your joy!

The Food at Work Challenge – everyone faces the fact that customers, friends, associates, etc. love to give thanks and appreciation with food. Our offices are full of chocolates, cookies, baked goods, fudge and so on. Again, being forewarned is very helpful. Bring a great lunch and a few healthy snacks to have so you aren’t as tempted. If you would like to indulge in something go ahead; pick one or two items and then leave the area where all the goodies are! Be aware and eat what you plan instead of just scarfing down whatever looks interesting.

The holidays do present situations that are out of the norm but they are still a real time of joy and celebration. You can enjoy every event and remain healthy with a little ingenuity and planning.

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