North LINC Picnics

hill climb

Last week, North LINC students celebrated summer with one of Canada’s favorite past-times: a picnic!

LINC participants invited their family members, ranging from 6 months to 80 years old, to take part in a fun day in the great outdoors.

The students and their families met at Prairie Winds Park in Northeast Calgary, where they joined culinary forces to produce an amazing spread of food from around the world. Of course, students made sure to include lots of “Canadian” foods like pizza and corn dogs to go along with the picnic theme.

Although the food was the main attraction, everyone had fun playing games together before and after the meal. There was a lot of laughter and friendly competition as adults teamed up with their kids for activities such as relay races, badminton, a hill climb, and soccer.  The teams got very competitive, and everyone had a blast playing together. Prizes featuring Canadian images such as maps, beavers, hockey sticks, maple leaves, and flags were a huge hit with the participants at the end of the day. LINC students are very patriotic when it comes to their new home!

We had all of the ingredients for a successful picnic: a beautiful location, perfect weather, delicious food, and fun games. LINC staff, students, and their families enjoyed spending time together, relaxing and having fun, on this beautiful summer day.

Check out photos of our picnics on Facebook: the Evening Group Picnic and the Morning Group Picnic

South LINC students have their picnic planned for the end of September, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, summer’s not over yet! So grab your coolers, blankets, and bug spray and go have a picnic!