North LINC Multi-Cultural Event

On Thursday, November 7th, North LINC classes gathered together for a Multi-Cultural event at the Genesis Centre. Students showcased different aspects of their cultures such as food, dance, clothing, money, weddings, natural medicine, superstitions, and currency.

LINC 3 Students from Susie’s morning class and Jen’s Evening class shared their experiences from the special event:

“I was very happy because all our friends and family members gathered there. Everyone was wearing very nice clothes.” – Samar, LINC 3 AM

“Our teacher announced that YMCA was preparing a program, multicultural event. I was very anxious about the event because I did not participate in my life.  It was fabulous event because there were different types of stalls. Students of LINC classes prepared the food according to our cultures.  All foods were delicious. There were different types of clothes to attract people. It’s my desire to participate again. I liked it very much.” – Aqeel, LINC 3 AM

“We made the tea and medicine stall and I served tea to customers about one hour. I also asked the customers about tea questions and when they gave me right answers I gave the candy to the customers. I went around the stall and take little bite of Pakistani food and enjoyed the event very much. “ – Maryam, LINC 3 AM

“Multi-culture is a good event. We had a lot of fun. Everyone enjoy this program. We know about every culture. We should celebrate this program every month. Everyone dress up with their traditional dress, and this is good information about every country person.” – Umber, LINC 3 Evening

“This time I learned about different foods and superstition beliefs of different country.  I learn what values of Canadian money and other country’s money. I learn which country famous fruits and I know different country’s flag. I enjoy with my LINC class the Punjabi dance.” – Jayshree, LINC 3 Evening

“Multicultural event was very useful for all LINC classes and for community as well. I met many different people from different countries. Before, I didn’t know about superstitions so I learned new things.” – Ismat, LINC 3 Evening

Way to go, North LINC! Everyone had a fantastic time, and we all learned so many new things!