No winter ‘chilling out’ for the YMCA – time to prepare for 2013!

AS the snow lies all around Calgary it’s not a signal for Senior Vice President of Operations Kelly Smith to sit back and relax – there’s still work to be done!

Kelly is already looking forward to next summer as the registration for the summer camps in 2013 has already opened last month. No sooner than the camps close their doors for the year are the staff busy preparing in the background for the next season of fun.

Kelly said: “It’s an exciting time. We are looking forward to welcoming back our campers next year.”

Preparations also include a trip to Gray Jay (the YMCA’s remote summer Camp Chief Hector program site) to show two past board members and Jill Jamieson, CCH general manager, what goes on at the camp during the summer months.

Kelly also recently attended the 17th annual Heritage Club dinner, held at Calgary Golf and Country Club. Heritage Club members are YMCA supporters who have pledged a planned gift to the YMCA either from their estate or through insurance policies. The dinner was an opportunity for 84 members to get together and reconnect by telling some amazing YMCA stories.

Kelly said: “It is an annual get together to reconnect and recognise new members each year. This kind of gift is one which keeps on giving, well beyoind your life expectancy.”