YMCA in South Health Campus

YMCA Calgary will be embarking on an exciting new journey with the opening of a YMCA in the new South Health Campus (SHC) YMCA in the fall of 2012. This YMCA will be a unique branch with a focus on Health and Wellness, operated in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS). The YMCA will be an important part of a larger Wellness Centre and will contribute to a “community of wellness” within and surrounding SHC.

The SHC will be more than a hospital; more than a place to treat illness and disease. It has been designed as an inclusive health care campus that will inspire and create a broad range of opportunities for health and healing.  An integral component of this innovative and “ground breaking” approach to health is the inclusion of a 2700 square metre Wellness Center, located front and center of the building on the “Main Street”.  The Wellness Center is a collaborative partnership involving the YMCA, an AHS Patient & Family Resource Center, a University of Calgary Research/Resource library service and a fully equipped Wellness/Demonstration Kitchen.

The entire South Health Campus will embody a wellness mindset for patients and families; staff, physicians, students, volunteers, and the community.

For more information, visit the Alberta Health Services website and download a recent video (wmv file). Updates will also be available on the YMCA Calgary’s website and in  YMCA Today.