New ways to register for your Grade 6 Membership at the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA!

Basic CMYK


Now registering for your FREE Grade 6 Membership has never been easier.

Fill out the NEW online registration form and accompany it by confirmation of being in Grade 6 (made in person at the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA ). This could be a copy of your child’s Grade 5 report card or a signed letter from a school administrator or teacher.

Once you have both pieces of paperwork completed please do one of the following:

  • Fill out and Fax your registration form to Michael Balchand at #403-508-2629 (Gray Family Eau Claire)
  • Fill-out the registration form online and press submit to email it to (Gray Family Eau Claire)
  • Send all signed documents with your child to any YMCA Branch to hand in at Member Services
  • Accompany your child to a YMCA Branch and hand in to Member Service

Register Online here: School Membership Registration