New for 2015 – Mountain Bike Camp at Camp Chief Hector YMCA – bikes provided

Overnight camp for 10-year old boys and girls – Mistaya – Mountain Bike Option
Camp Chief Hector YMCA
July 5 – 17 | females
July 19 – 31 | males
Aug 2 – 14 | males
$1180 + GST

UPDATE: Recently we were able to acquire mountain bikes and helmets from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC).

The bikes are the ACE Mountain Bikes. They are excellent for riders between 9 and 11 years-old. They have been tested on-site here, and they perform very well. They will be tuned up before each program.The helmets are the MET Xilo Helmet for children and youth. They are a quality helmet, with padding and adjustable straps to ensure a proper and comfortable fit on all children.We would ask that campers use the camp-supplied mountain bikes and helmets while at camp this summer. This will be a convenience to many. It will provide a level-playing-field for the campers, and it will assist with the tuning and maintenance by the MTB program staff at camp.

Campers and counsellors will spend two days of their camp experience exploring our trails and surrounding natural areas. The group is introduced to the basics of mountain biking technique and simple bike maintenance by a staff member who is also a certified cycling coach; trained as an Alberta Bicycle Association Community Cycling- Initiation (CCI). Before their half day (2-4 hour) rides, the group learns to manage the risks associated with travel on trails, group management and wildlife concerns. Over the course of their stay at camp, the group will set out on 4 of these half day rides, introducing and reviewing skills learned on each trip. This program is intended for novice riders.

Read the full description of Mistaya Mountain Bike Camp.

As with all camps at Camp Chief Hector YMCA, financial assistance is available.

kids on mountain bikes