NAYDO 2013-My Perspective on Giving.

I have a story to share……

Philanthropy is about giving-giving of your time, talent, and your treasure. I recently attended NAYDO 2013. Meeting in Vancouver, BC and attended by over 1000 YMCA staff and volunteers, the North American YMCA Development Organization embraces and inspires this philanthropic culture through three days of workshops, roundtable discussions, and featured speakers.

Our YMCA Calgary team consisted of senior staff, volunteers, a talented Young Professional, and me, an office administrator. I felt honored to be included with such professionals and a little humbled being surrounded by such philanthropic individuals. Yes, I too gave but was it enough? Did I belong here? And when I encountered the other 1000 like individuals at the conference, I was overwhelmed.


I met a board member from Saskatchewan who was trying to understand his new role, a CEO from the United States who was trying to convince his board members to give just a little more, and a general manager from eastern Canada who was trying to revitalize her annual campaign. They welcomed me and we began building relationships. We all had questions about this important culture of giving and over the next whirlwind 3 days, we got answers.


I had the honor of hearing how a great man with an incredible dream changed our world. Over the span of 2 years. Rick Hansen (Man in Motion Tour) travelled 40,000 kilometers in his wheelchair for Spinal Cord Research. He spoke of how he gave of himself, and thus gave to himself. And how it is not only important what you have done but also what you will do.  Through great hardship and perseverance, he captured our attention. He captured our world.

I wept, and I changed.

I no longer felt overwhelmed by this culture of giving.

I embraced it.

I too would capture attention.

I too would capture my world.

Will you capture yours?