National Volunteer Week 2018 – Wendy Hahn

Volunteer of the Year Response

Branch: Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot

Name: Wendy Hahn

Position: Fitness Intructor

Number of Years Volunteered: 5 hours a week

Number of Volunteer Hours in 2018: 50

How has the nominee been a YMCA Calgary Ambassador?

Wendy is one of the most dedicated people to the YMCA community, her passion to fitness and sharing her expertise with all new instructors and participants

How does the volunteer engage in the YMCA Calgary Community?

Wendy volunteers with passion, integrity, knowledge, and dedication to people

How has the nominee built positive relationships?

Wendy is a big help for new volunteer instructors helping them to become successful. She voluntarily spends numbers of hours to help them build confidence, right technique of exercise programs in all levels.

In what ways has the nominee exceeded the expectations of their role?

Wendy never counts her hours she spends at YMCA. Wendy is always there when someone needs her support and expertise.