National Volunteer Week 2018 – Hassan Rizwan

Branch: Community YMCA

Name: Hassan Rizwan

Position: Math Tutor

Number of Years Volunteered: 2.5

Number of Volunteer Hours in 2018: 8

How has the nominee been a YMCA Calgary Ambassador?

Hassan is a great ambassador for the YMCA because he has a very positive attitude towards the YMCA and it is easy to see that he enjoys being a tutor. He sets a good example for his students because they sense his positive attitude which helps them to enjoy coming to tutoring as well.

This semester the tutoring program has been low for students at Hassan’s site. In response, Hassan has served as an ambassador for our program by encouraging his students to get their friends to apply for the program. Indeed, one of Hassan’s student’s friends has now started attending tutoring.

How does the volunteer engage in the YMCA Calgary Community?

Hassan volunteers as a high school math tutor for students with an academic and financial need. Hassan takes his commitment to the tutoring program seriously. He is very reliable and always shows up early to his tutoring sessions. Hassan is also very genuine in his desire for his students to succeed. He frequently suggests resources that are available to help his students and he stays very up to date on the world of math. He suggests joining other youth programs within the YMCA community to his students to help them be more rounded individuals.

How has the nominee built positive relationships?

Hassan is a very genuine, up front, and honest person. His students quickly respond to his genuine character, and this helps Hassan to be able to build quick connections with his students. During the Strong Kids campaign, we had games for the students and volunteers to participate in during the session. Many students were shy at first about playing the games. Hassan went out of his way to encourage his students to play. His students had a lot of fun playing the games and it served as a bonding experience for them.

Hassan is also able to build positive relationships by meeting students at their level. Last semester, Hassan helped another tutor’s students for one session. This student was often disinterested in math and was sometimes difficult to motivate. The student told Hassan that she didn’t have any math homework, and she said she wasn’t interested in working on math. Instead of being annoyed, Hassan spent over a half hour just playing X’s and O’s with the student and even taught her some strategies for the game. As a result, the student was able to enjoy a positive experience and benefit from a positive mentor-ship from Hassan.

Hassan’s relationships with his students have been so positive that they keep wanting to return to be tutored by him. Indeed, this semester one of Hassan’s previous students specifically requested to work with Hassan and stated that she wanted to attend the day that he would be at tutoring.

In what ways has the nominee exceeded the expectations of their role?

Hassan exceeds the expectations of his role as a math tutor through his genuine selflessness. When he comes to tutoring, his focus is on what is best for his students and not on his own personal wishes. For example, Hassan is always ready to step up when needed. If other tutors are away, he is always willing to fill in and help their students without any complaint. He will also help other tutors when they are having difficulties teaching a certain topic and ask for his help.