National Volunteer Week 2018 – Allan Hathaway

Name: Allan Hathaway

Branch: Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Position: Volunteer Coordinator – Member Services

Number of Years Volunteered: 10+

Number of Volunteer Hours in 2018: Unmeasurable

How has the nominee been a YMCA Calgary Ambassador?

Al has been instrumental with the successful opening of the new Shane Homes YMCA @ Rocky Ridge. His countless hours and dedication to the Member Services Volunteers has been invaluable.  He has taken the lead with coordinating and training the volunteers as well as available to come into the branch help at a moments notice.  It was important to Al that all the Member Services Volunteers were representing the YMCA brand with pride and integrity, because of this it was not uncommon to see him making a personal effort to work with all of the volunteers at all hours of the day.

How does the volunteer engage in the YMCA Calgary Community?

Al and his family, have made themselves available to participate in community outreach events, where they are engaging with children and helping them with coloring and crafts.  Since he also volunteers in the preschool department, he has the opportunity to connect with our various YMCA Members.

How has the nominee built positive relationships?

Willingness to help in any situation and sharing experience/knowledge has most certainly contributed to the positive relationships that Al has formed.  We all know Al and the love he has for the YMCA.  His passion for this organization and the people herein, keeps him engaged and excited to be apart of what we are building in this city.

In what ways has the nominee exceeded the expectations of their role?

On top of working an unmeasurable amount of hours at both Shane Homes YMCA and the Melcor YMCA, Al has most recently used his carpentry skills to build a mailbox for the new Shane Homes YMCA!  A beautiful piece of work and a fantastic addition to his legacy at the Y!