Nancy sure has gone the distance for the Y…

Volunteer blogger Beka Sharrock has been getting to know some of the personalities who make up the senior leadership team at Calgary YMCA, finding out what drives them to work for the YMCA and the person behind the job title….

Name: Nancy Farries

Job title: Senior Vice President Association Advancement and Development

Job description: I work with the maintenance, laundry and housekeeping teams.  I work on on-going and new capital development. Part of my role is ensuring our opportunities are strategically linked. I am also taking on a leadership role in developing our new strategic plan.

Background: I have been here at the Y for 26 years. I started as a lifeguard at the old central Y before Eau Claire opened. I have changed jobs every few years and that has helped me learn a lot of different aspects of the organization.

The best part of my job is: being able to become involved on projects from when they are on the drawing board to see them through to being completed.

The most challenging part of my job is: all the things we want to do! Managing multiple priorities but that’s what also makes it fun.

If I wasn’t working at the Y I would be: travelling! I would love to go exploring in Africa on safari.

The best piece of advice I have been given: think of what can be instead of what is not.

Five words to describe me: Is that pavement or trail?

Not a lot of people know that: a few months ago I ran an ultra marathon of 100km in California.

Weakness: procrastination and I have a messy desk!

What the Y means to me: It means so many things. It is hard to say because it is so crucial to me. It is health for the community, not just physical health, mental health as well. It is connections, leadership, community and health.

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