My Coach Approach Journey #2

Gym equiptment

The Coach Approach

It’s a free program offered at the YMCA for people who have not, in the past, been consistent exercisers. I’m one of those people. This is a record of my Coach Approach Journey.

If you haven’t read it – read My Coach Approach Journey #1 here.

Appointment #2…

A couple of weeks ago I had my second Coach Approach appointment with my wellness coach Daryl. We talked about how I had been doing with my exercise – what had I done, what had I enjoyed and what had I disliked. We set some short term goals to help me meet the long term goals we set in my first appointment.

Long Term Goal

Short Term Goals

Increase Flexibility
  • Stretch after workouts
  • Stretch everyday
Increase Strength
  • Exercise 3X/week
  • Fitlinxx Workout
Increase Stamina
  • Cardio 2X/week
  • Boost intensity
  • Walk as much as possible

I signed an agreement with Daryl that I would do my best to maintain this program of exercise until our next meeting in mid-March.

The FitLinxx set-up…

Daryl set me up on a collection of the FitLinxx machines. He showed me how to adjust the seats and such to find the correct fit for me, showed me how to use each machine, checked my technique, and suggested the number of reps I should do.

Barriers to exercise…

Daryl and I also talked about what barriers may be stopping me from exercising and how to overcome them.

Barrier 1: To exercise, I have to stop doing something more enjoyable
Overcome it: Reschedule my workout or work out at home

Barrier 2: I get bored when I’m exercising
Overcome it: Find a workout buddy (my husband?), bring an audio book to listen to

Barrier 3: I don’t like the exercise activity I am doing
Overcome it: Try something new – a group fitness class or swimming

My progress…

I’ll be honest with you, I’m having a hard time sticking to the agreement my wellness coach and I made. The barriers are doing their job right now…

I’m a lazy person, I’ve realized, and motivating myself to go exercise is difficult. I like sitting and reading, or just going home as soon as I’m done work. I find the bike and the elliptical boring, and the weight floor still intimidates me a little bit. More often than not, I’d rather just go do something else, anything else, other than exercise.

I’ve managed to get in an average of one workout a week. That’s a long way from my agreement with Daryl, but at least I’ve got one in.

I’m going to keep talking positively to myself to get motivated rather than discouraged about it. I’m also going to try a few more fitness classes and see if I can find something I like. Check back for my experiences in different fitness classes, I’ll let you know how they go!


If you’re interested in having a wellness appointment or participating in Coach Approach, sign up at member services at your YMCA Calgary location.