More LINC Stories!

Happy Thursday, everyone! This is part three of a series, Creative Writing with LINC. If you missed the last two posts, check out Part One and Part Two on the blog.

The X-Ray Files – by Amir

Everybody has their own story in his/her life and it’s always amazing to hear about the people’s childhood adventures; for me also childhood was amazing in my whole life, my mother was a dentist and a faculty member at the university as well. She taught during morning time and cured her patients in her clinic during evening time. I was the only child in my family and because of that I had to go to the clinic after  school in the afternoon and normally I did my homework there. In contrast to my existing calm personality, I was hyperactive when I was a little boy; once I remember when I finished my homework and I got free time, I went to the patient X-ray files and I changed a few of them. I didn’t know what trouble I caused for my mother. A few days later, I saw my mother was very nervous and she complained to her secretary about replacement of the X-rays. Her secretary told her that the only guy who could do that is Amir, because he is the only guy who can access the files (at that time there was drawer to file such X-rays). After a short time thinking she turned to me and said, “Look at me son! I was scared about what has happened.” But after a while I saw my mom smiling at me. She approached me, and gave me a warm hug which I will never forget. I was crying in repentance, but I know she understood very well that I didn’t know the consequences of my act.

The Wedding Surprise – by Mubaraka

Hi, my story is about my childhood. I was born in a joint family. I have many cousins and we really had lots of fun. We always lived in our own world. I mean, in our childhood world we were not aware of things happening outside of our world. Once we had big event at our home when I was 5; my aunt was going to marry, everyone was happy having fun and busy in their own chores. We were too, and we were doing our own things, playing, and dancing. There was a surprise waiting for me but I didn’t know about that. In my aunt’s wedding ceremony, we were dancing, and suddenly someone called me to go and see my mom. When I went to mom, she was in bed and had a baby in her hands. I said: “What? What happened to you and whose baby is this?”  My grandma told me, “Your mom was expecting a child and now here is your new sibling, a baby boy.” That was a marvellous moment for all of us.  I will never forget that moment in my life, it was so much fun but I was so innocent that I didn’t know about my mother’s pregnancy Ahahaha…….. Isn’t it incredible to be a child? I wish everyone can be like Peter Pan!!