Meet the SHC Team: Randy

The whole South Health Campus Y is so eager to say “hi” and introduce themselves to everyone in the community. Tess and Sydney already shared some interesting info about themselves in the previous blogs. This week, another amazing member of the SHC Team is sharing his story. Let’s all meet Randy!

What is your name? Randy Schiissler

What is your current role at the YMCA? Member Services / Duty Manager

What do you love about the South Health Campus location? It is convenient for people living in the south as well as brand new and super clean. And if you come at the right time you could have the whole gym to yourself!!

What is your daily motivation? To always get first in everything I do. Second is first place for losers.

What is your favorite sport and/or group activity? Competitive dodgeball and wall ball.

Tell us something interesting about yourself. I am backpacking to south east Asia next summer after my 2nd year of university.

Check back again next Wednesday to get to know another amazing member of the SHC Team!