LINC Summer Fun!

Neelam's Class

Neelam’s Class

I can’t believe September is here already! It has been a busy summer for the YMCA Calgary LINC classes. Let’s see what everyone has been up to this summer.

Jackie’s South LINC class took a field trip to Fish Creek Park, where they had a traditional Canadian BBQ. The class had fun in the sun, ate delicious food, and learned a few things, too! For example, one of Jackie’s students said,  “First, I think before we want to have outdoor activity, we should have plan and have a list. Second, I can see everyone help together to make a fire and clean up after finish activity.” Great tips!

After the BBQ, a student said, “This was the first time I had been celebrated at the park with my classmates in Canada. So I was very happy at that time.” Another student said, “Actually, that activity was just wow. We had lots of fun. Because of BBQ, we enjoyed foods. We played games, which was also fun.”  Sounds like the first Canadian BBQ was a success!

Jackie's Class BBQ

Jackie’s Class BBQ

Jessica’s LINC class at South Health Campus worked hard on a new Community Garden project. Students  learned about what to grow in Calgary’s climate, and worked together to plant, water, and harvest their crops. One of Jessica’s students gave some feedback about the garden.

“The garden is a wonderful place which I rarely felt so before. Whenever I walk into the garden, I can not help being in a state of resembling intoxication by the fresh and fragrant air. Before touching the garden, I didn’t have any experience in how to handle a garden, but I am knowing more and more since I was attracted by the garden like watering, soil handling, etc.” – Helen

Meanwhile, Neelam’s North LINC class was busy creating Story Sacks and learning about the benefits of reading to kids. The students practiced their stories with kids from the YMCA Preschool and Childcare programs. Everyone had a blast! Great job!

Story Time!

Story Time!

Carly’s North LINC class went indoor rock-climbing, with the help of some awesome Saddletowne YMCA Volunteers! Carly’s class bravely climbed the wall, and some students even conquered a fear of heights. Osama, a young man from Pakistan, perfectly summed up the activity. “I so scared, my arms feel so weak and like jelly. I sweat so much, I thought my glasses fell off. My teacher and friends encourage and cheer for me, so I try a second time. The second time I feel like a king. I went more high than the first time. I am brave now.” Way to go, everybody!!

Climbing High!

Climbing High!

Osama Climbs!

Osama Climbs!