LINC Students Welcome Girl Guides

On Wednesday, February 19th, South Health Campus LINC students hosted the Girl Guides Group #109 for a special multi-cultural evening.

Students from Jessica’s evening class worked very hard to prepare for the event, which was held at the Shawnessy YMCA Family Centre.  The LINC class planned and facilitated a fun icebreaker game that got everyone talking and laughing, and then we had a chance to chat and mingle over delicious snacks from various countries.

The highlight of the evening was making cards for ICU patients at South Health Campus. LINC Students and Girl Guides paired up to decorate beautiful cards with stamps, stickers, glitter, and “get well” messages in a variety of languages.

The LINC students and Girl Guides learned about each other’s countries, and had fun making something to brighten someone else’s day! The LINC students got a chance to practice their English with new friends and really showed off their leadership skills throughout the evening. The Girl Guides even earned a “Multi-cultural Awareness” badge for participation in the event.  What a fantastic and fun evening!