LINC Stories – Part Four


My Family Story – by Archana

All families have a unique history comprised of milestone events and a diverse cast of characters. In my family, there are four members: father, mother, sister and I. We were a nuclear family. My mother’s parents came from India; her mother was a farm worker and her father was a well respected man. My father’s parents originally came from Sri Lanka; his mother was a home-maker, and his father worked at the railway department.

One day we received a wedding invitation from our close relatives, it was an estate side wedding. So we had to go there, but actually we did not know the place to go. First of all, we arranged everything to go there. My father, as usual,  bought a map book to find out about the place. He could find only the main street of that area, but he couldn’t find the exact address. At that time they (our relatives) did not have a facility to keep even a cell phone, so it was very difficult to contact them. We got ready go there early in the morning. My sister bought an extra map book, in case we were lost on the road, it was really handy for us.

I still remember the journey, it took six hours to reach the town of Galle (Sri Lanka) in our auto rickshaw. And we completed our destination successfully until we reached the town. But we did not know that we had a big challenge ahead on that trip. When my father took out the map, he found that we had travelled more than 10km in the wrong direction. While we were driving, we stopped the auto rickshaw beside a garage and asked an old man about the directions. At that time someone who was a stranger came near our vehicle and he described the directions, but we could not understand. We were totally confused. After a few hours, while we were travelling the mountain valley, we thought we almost arrived at the destination, but that was not my relative’s area. Due to the travelling time, my father said that he was sure we had almost reached the correct place. But my mother said that we could not find the place, it is better to return home. My sister and I both were excited to go to the wedding, and my father said that he could find the estate soon, so not to worry about anything, we will be there on time.

While we were travelling together, someone came from the mountain area and he asked us Are you coming from Colombo? We said yes. Then he explained about him, he also came to the same wedding function! After that he came with us and showed the way to go. While we were travelling the twisting road of the tea estate, we saw the women were in colourful attires, mainly Tamil origin people at work in the plantations. Before we had not had an experience to travel within a mountain valley area, but that was really incredible travelling for us. And we found ourselves more and more lost in the beautiful scenery around every corner. Once the trip had finished, at the top of that particular mountain and we reached the destination almost late. We found that we had not only a spectacular travelling experience but also at the wedding we had a culinary experience too. I will never forget that day in my entire life.


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