LINC Stories – Part 7

Happy Monday! It’s time for a couple more LINC stories. If you missed the earlier posts, and want to read more, here is a good place to start.

My Childhood Memories – by Nazia

I am blessed to be born into a big family: my grandparents, parents, and my three sisters. We lived in a village. I remember it was full of fun, how we played different games with other children and never felt tired. I remember we played in the rain, throwing mud at each other, pretending like it’s a snowball. We went cycling and quarreled with each other, and also went on school trips and summer vacations together. It was a great time.

I also remember a family story about my cousin’s engagement ceremony. It was held on January 26th, so outside the weather was very cold. We lived in a village, but the bride’s family lived in the city, which was far away and took two hours to travel there by vehicle. So the day came and all the people were ready to attend. It was raining outside. All the people sat on the bus, excitedly enjoying music and chuckling with each other. Finally, we reached the hall and the bride’s family was already there to receive us. There were lots of people and after some time, we met our cousin’s fiancée.  She was looking very pretty. Then they wore engagements rings and took photographs. After one hour, we gathered for dinner and enjoyed our food. The weather was very bad. It started to snow, so we were ready to go back. Our relatives said, “Do not go, stay here!” but we wanted to go back home.

So we started travelling and when we reached the center point, we got stuck in the snow. We spent all night on the bus and it was very cold and frozen. The next morning, a machine come and cleaned the road and then we were able to go home. It was a very memorable day for all!


The Children’s Library – by Saima

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. I lived my life in a nuclear family system, even though most families in my town lived in joint families. When I was growing up, I lived with only my parents and siblings in my house. My auntie’s and uncle`s family lived in another separate house.

We are seven sisters and brothers, (I am number six), and my house was full of noise. My father was a very hard-working and disciplined person, he wanted all the work done on time. My mother is a very caring and kind-hearted women.  My childhood period was wonderful, we played together and also fought among ourselves.

Many stories belong to my family, but some are very interesting. When we were ten or eleven years old, during summer vacation, we planned to make a library. One room was extra in my house and we decided to open the library in this room. We made some space for setting up books, after that we bought and arranged many books there. We gave the place the name “Children`s Library”. This was where we spent our extra time. It is a beautiful memory.

One special and interesting thing was that my elder brother wanted to loan these books for pay, because he wanted to make money from this source. We didn`t like this idea. My neighbour`s children came and borrowed the story books and returned them after 2 or 3 hours, for free mostly. I still remember those marvellous memories.

As the time passed by, we grew up and got busy with our studies and lives. All of my family members live in Pakistan except me. I have been living in Canada for one year; I miss my family and all the time that was spent together.