LINC Stories, Part 6

This is the 6th installment in a series. If you missed the earlier posts, and want to read more, here is a good place to begin. Happy Reading!

Big Event For My Family – by Nasrin

Last July was a very special month for my family. Our religious month Ramadan is in July and also my birthday is July 28th, the same day as Eid last year. On July 28th we woke up at five am, and my daughter- in-law and I prepared food for my family. We went to mosque at 8 o’ clock for prayer. After that, we came back to my house. I was shocked, because my house was decorated and my husband’s friends and family members were in my house. They gave me a surprise gift. I was very happy. After that, I cut the cake and celebrated my birthday party.  In the evening we went to a restaurant. It was a very special day for my family, because that day I celebrated a half century birthday!


Boarding School – by Niru

In my family were six members: mummy, papa, elder sister, younger brother, grandmother, and me. During my childhood, we lived in village. My father was a farmer and my mother was a home-maker. Starting from our birth, my father decided that his daughters would never study in the village school. We would take our studies in a big city. We completed our primary education in our village and my father got our admission in Baroda at “Maharani High School”.  So I went to boarding school when I was in Grade 6 and my sister was in Grade 8.

Now our lives were changed. We lived in boarding school, so we had to do our routine work on our own. It was very good as well as bad experience for my life. At home, mummy did all work for us and we didn’t do anything. It felt good to us now that we took all our responsibility on our own. I felt homesick after a few weeks. Every day in the evening time, we had prayer in boarding school. Sharply at that time I missed my home.

One day what happened, the bell rang for prayer. All students gathered in the prayer hall, our matron took attendance. When she spoken my name, I was not there, so they all looked for me. I was discovered crying in one corner. After that day, I never cried in boarding school. I stayed for 5 years in boarding school. There were some golden memories with my friends. We celebrated all the festivals, played in free time, and every Sunday went outside to the market and ate Golgappas. It was a really golden period of my life that I spent in boarding school.