LINC Stories – Part 5

Hello and welcome to the fifth installment of “Creative Writing with LINC”! This is part of a series; if you missed the beginning, check it out on our blog here!

My Parents’ 25th Anniversaryby Dilkusha

There are a lot of events in my life, but I love to write about my parent’s 25th anniversary. In India, some people celebrate their anniversaries or their parent’s anniversaries too. I belong to a middle class family, where in India it is very rare to celebrate their parent’s anniversary.

Every year my parents celebrate their anniversary in a very simple way, sometimes they bought a cake or my mother cooked ‘Firni’(it is a dessert).  It also happened that sometimes they did not do anything, so I decided that they would celebrate their 25th anniversary in a different way. I made a plan to give them a surprise party on that day .

My parents anniversary is on November 2nd; I started working on my plan six months before. At that time I was a college student . My income was pocket money, which was given by my parents. I started to save my money, but it was not enough. I could not fulfill my plan with that small amount. So, I went to my elder brother and sister, and told them about my plan. They loved my plan and appreciated me and also helped me. They gave me all the money they had, and at that time they were University students, so they did not work anywhere; their pocket money was their income, too.

One day before my parent’s anniversary, I invited all those who are very close to my parents, and bought two gold rings, one female ring for my mother and one male ring for my father. I called our aunt and told her everything about our plan, and requested her to bring my mother out on that day, spend 3-4 hours outside (that was how much time we needed to arrange our party) and also said, “When you come back home, try to bring my father with you.”

Finally the day came .Everyone did their regular routine. My father woke up early and went to his shop (he has a dry fruit shop) and my mother was cooking in the morning on that day. We woke a little early and did our regular work, anxiously waiting for our aunt. She came around 3o’clock in the afternoon, at that time my mother’s household work was done, so they went out shopping. After that, my brother went out and bought a big cake, card, flowers, and all the necessary things. At that time my elder sister and I cleaned the house and decorated everything very nicely. After my brother came back , we put cake on our tea-table, wrote a beautiful poem on the card, put some flowers on my parents’ bed. We placed the card and ring on the bed, hidden with flowers.

Our guests came around 7o’clock in the evening, they also brought some gifts with them. We put all the gifts in our parents’ bedroom. Around 8o’clock my aunt and my parents came and rang the bell. We and our guests stood beside the door and my sister opened the door. They came in and we said loudly  “HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY!” They were totally surprised! They were very happy. Then they cut the cake, we served dinner, and our guests went home, but this was not the end. The next surprise was also waiting in my parents bedroom .

After the party my parents went to their bedroom and had their next surprise. They read the poem, got very emotional, and my mother started crying. They called us and hugged us. My father asked us how could we manage all things. He meant from where did we get the money?  We informed them, “We did not ask anyone for money, three of your children saved their pocket money.” My parents got very emotional after hearing that, and at that time my father said to my mother, “Our children are grown up.” It was a very touching moment.