LINC Students Write About Their First Stampede

All week, our LINC 4 class has been learning about the annual Calgary Stampede and Rodeo.  We talked about how the people who live in this city and the many tourists who visit celebrate and participate in this annual event.

On Monday morning, all the daytime LINC classes had the opportunity to attend the pancake breakfast hosted by the Saddletowne YMCA, where our school is located.  Despite the threat of rain, many people from the community came.  Country music was playing, people were wearing western clothing and the food was ready when we arrived.  We waited in line, got our food and found a place together to eat our pancakes.  We also had the opportunity to meet and talk with Helene Weir, CEO of YMCA Calgary and Ken Lima-Coelho, Communications and Financial Development Vice-President.  Everyone had a good time.

On Thursday, the LINC 3 and 4 full-time classes went downtown by C-train to join in the Stampede activities that were happening at Fluor Rope Square at Olympic Plaza.   There were many people there.  We watched pancake throwing and hat stomping competitions, fiddlers and line dancers,  and the Aboriginal parade.  We even had the chance to join in a ring dance.  The activities ended with a local band playing country music, and during this time we ate our lunch.  Then, we walked down Stephen Ave., got on the train and went back to our school.

During this week, we observed and experienced the fun activities that the Calgary Stampede offers to anyone who wants to join in and have fun.


-Written by Vicky Ramsay’s Full-time LINC 4 Class at the Saddletowne YMCA