LINC Spins for Strong Kids

On March 3rd, YMCA Calgary kicked off the 2014 Strong Kids campaign with the Spin for Strong Kids fundraiser. Stationary bikes were spinning like crazy in all of the branches, and both the North and South LINC students were part of the fun!

After learning about the Strong Kids Campaign in their classes, the LINC participants worked hard to raise money for the Spin-a-Thon.  Since joining the LINC program and the YMCA, many students seek out ways to give back to their community. The Spin for Strong Kids Event was the perfect opportunity to give back, get some exercise, and have fun with all of the staff, volunteers, members, and participants!

The money raised for the Strong Kids Campaign will help the children and youth in our community have positive experiences, build positive relationships, and develop leadership skills.  By helping to send a child to camp, learn to swim, or play basketball, the money raised will directly impact the future of our community in a positive way.  Way to go, LINC!

Thanks to everyone for riding  yesterday. Not only did LINC do a fantastic job raising money for Strong Kids, you also raised awareness with your encouragements and cheering during the event. Way to go!