LINC Reflections

anne_frank_encouragement_quote1At the end of September, the YMCA Calgary LINC program wrapped up another busy semester. With this in mind, many teachers asked their students to reflect on what they had learned over the last few months. One class used this Anne Frank quote as inspiration for their writing, and the results were fantastic!

“YMCA is a source of knowledge, information, and a mentor for newcomers. I can say it is like a tool which carved a stone and turned it into a beautiful sculpture. It brings out your skills, which even you are not aware that you have it in you. In short, they bring out the best out of you, which helps you to accomplish your goals.” – Adarsh, India

“The main theme of this quote is to provide a positive outlook towards the future. As all the LINC students are near the final week of the semester, reading this quote really refresh and rejuvenate their mind. For me, it improves my self-confidence in future endeavors such as job search, family life, social life, and so on. It also enables me to face challenges in life with courage.” – Rajeesh, India

Great job everyone, and good luck in the next semester!!