LINC Multi-Cultural Celebrations

South Collage 1Twice a year, YMCA Calgary LINC students come together to celebrate their cultures with a special Multi-Cultural Event. Recently, the South LINC classes held a beautiful cultural showcase in the lobby of the Shawnessy YMCA, and the North LINC classes took visitors on an exciting road trip around Canada at 1000 Voices in the Genesis Centre.

If you missed it, here are some highlights of these exciting events. Stay tuned for the next Multi-Cultural Event – we have them every May and November!


North LINC students worked together in groups representing each province and territory of Canada. During the event, students set up displays in their classrooms; each room was a different part of Canada. Everyone had a chance to visit each unique area of Canada, and learn about what makes it special. Of course, Alberta and Calgary got a little bit of extra attention! At each stop, students asked questions, collected stickers on a map, and had a chance to win Canada-themed prizes. By the end of the day, everyone had been to every province and territory!

North Collage 2

North Collage 1

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of Calgary, South LINC students worked together in groups representing dozens of countries from around the world. They showcased their cultures with traditional games, delicious food, beautiful clothing, and lots of music. The event was open to the public, so visitors of all ages from the Shawnessy community were able to experience the fun and excitement of the celebration.

Great job, LINC! What a fun and exciting day for everyone. I can’t wait for the next event!

South Collage 2 South Collage 3