Leading the field for quality managers

LEADERSHIP and the qualities needed to create effective leaders have been the focus of a new project at YMCA Calgary.

Staff and volunteers were recently invited to a series of meetings where the YMCA’s strategic plan roll out was presented by YMCA Calgary’s president and CEO Helene Weir. The plan has three key areas of impact; health of children, youth and adults, community building and leadership.

Vice president for human resources Joan Fanstone explained HR is focussing on leadership competencies and asked staff and volunteers to have an input into how these competencies are to be redeveloped and implemented.

She added: “We asked staff and volunteers for their feedback on what are those competencies needed to be a leader at YMCA, what make us unique at the Y, what makes someone a Y fit.”

Armed with this feedback, a competency redevelopment committee has been formed. This committee will revisit, revise and develop the core competencies, define them and define what it means for staff and volunteers at all levels of the YMCA organisation.

Joan explained the process further: “In the fall staff will see very tangible models come from this work. For example, performance management, revised job descriptions and changes to job postings will reflect the new competencies. We will continue our focus on leadership and the competencies which leaders possess.”

This collaborative way of working is something the HR department has seen results from in the past. Employee surveys, where representatives from each branch are asked to contribute, have been a great success in the past.