Leading from the front – YMCA awards success

AFTER encouraging their leaders of tomorrow with a new leadership training scheme, directors at YMCA Calgary are also out to recognize staff members who show leadership qualities.

The annual YMCA Calgary Leadership Awards, now in their second year, seek to reward individuals who have shown staff members who impact others with their leadership skills.

The nominations are peer-led, and the winners are unaware of their award until they step up to receive one of three $1,000 awards at the YMCA Staff Longevity Awards on December 7. The award is designated to be spent on a development opportunity, either personally or professionally.

Vice President Human Resources Joan Fanstone said: “It is not based on title, it does not mean because you are a manager you are a leader. The fact that your peers are recognizing you as a leader says something about you as a leader.”

She added acts of leadership would be recognized from every level in the organization rather than those staff members who hold management titles.

The winning trio will be free to spend their award on a development program of their choice.

Joan concluded: “As we continue creating a culture of leadership development, YMCA Calgary is committed to developing and recognizing impactful leaders who demonstrate qualities and perform acts of leadership. The YMCA Calgary Leadership Awards are created to highlight and acknowledge staff who show a willingness to learn and receive feedback, show initiative, exceed expectations and go above and beyond, recognize contributions of others and are respected for personal contributions.  These individuals must exemplify YMCA core values, build relationships among all and foster a sense of teamwork.”

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