“Landed in Calgary” – A chance for Young Newcomers to Share their Story


“Landed in Calgary” is a chance for young newcomers including international students, refugee youth, permanent residents, and second generation Canadians to share the story of how they came to Calgary.

We hear incredible stories everyday within YMAP. Each week 260 youth from over 50 countries come to our program. Each has a unique story to tell. Never before have we had the chance to record these stories and share them throughout Calgary.

Our youth will come together Saturdays throughout Winter to share, write, edit, and publish their stories under the direction of Calgary Public Library, YMAP Staff, and local writers. Their finished book will be available in Libraries throughout Calgary. The book will be published in both English and their native language.

“Landed in Calgary” would not have been possible without Carla Bitz, former YMAP SW Coordinator and current Outreach Director. She built a strong relationship with Jackie Flowers, the Outreach Librarian at Shawnessy. We are grateful for the strong relationships YMAP has built with Calgary Public Librarians throughout the city. Together great ideas like “Landed in Calgary” come to fruition and we find another way to serve the newcomer youth community.

Youth and Staff alike are ecstatic for “Landed in Calgary” to begin. If you are interested in being involved please contact Jamie Schiwy jamie.schiwy@calgary.ymca.ca.

The “Landed in Calgary” Library project is a Calgary Public Library initiative with support from the YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP).